Building construction toys are one of the favourites of every child, they love to play with them and it is a truly engaging toy. Building blocks or Brick toys help your child to build up several skills in their growth years and help them in developing a strong base for their future growth. Here, we are going to give you a detailed description of the Magnetic building blocks for your toddlers. This is the best kind of building construction toy for your child, as it is more interesting and helps your kid in learning new technological skills.

Magnetic Building Blocks

Magnetic Building block sets have become increasingly popular, because of its amazing features and all kind of interesting surprises it holds. The various block shapes in the set allow your children to build various kinds of structure, and the best part is that the magnets hold those designs together with more efficiency than those simple building block toys. It has become an important learning tool for kids, as its emphasis on the STEM, i.e. science, technology, engineering, and mathematics part, in the learning process of your kid.

Thus these magnetic building construction toys are a way more interesting, helpful and engaging for your child. Plus, you can combine different blocks set together and can use their pieces with each other; you only need to make sure that they are from the same manufacturer. Most often, the pieces get to stick together and your child can get more fun and can use it interchangeably. While buying a magnetic building block for your child, you should keep few things in mind.

1. Age of your kid:
This is the most important factor to be considered while buying a magnetic building block set for your kid. Their age matters here, for ensuring their safety as it is the most important thing to be considered. For reducing the risk of choking the magnetic building block for toddlers will have oversized pieces, while the magnetic building blocks for older kids will have smaller pieces in various shapes. You can check the age criteria in the description box that is on the packet of the toy set.

It is necessary to choose according to their age, as it also decides their interest level in the toy.

Age of your kid

2. Consider Block Design:
There are various kinds of magnetic blocks set available in the market, you should choose accordingly to your child’s age, safety, and of course interest.

Some magnetic blocks are solid by design and have magnets buried on their edges for easier connections. This solid design set helps in creating more realistic structures, but they are too heavy and there are chances that they would collapse after a structure is made by your child.

Consider Block Design

While other magnetic blocks are the hollow frame, designed to suggest various shapes, but they are more like an outline or a stencil. Though, these sets are generally lighter and are able to support large structures.

You can also combine both the hollow and solid magnetic blocks set to create a structure.

3. Variety of Shapes:
Magnetic building blocks set have a variety in their shapes and sizes, and that is a major advantage with them. Unlike the traditional blocks set, that lacks the variety when it comes to shaping; the magnetic building blocks set are a bonus point here.

You can choose from varieties of sets of different shapes and can make the game more interesting for your child.

As older kids prefer a wider range of shapes and sizes; this can be the best choice for them. This helps them in increasing the boundaries of their imagination and hence helps in constructing different structures.

Variety of Shapes of building blocks

4. Safety Concerns:
While buying any of the toys for your child you should double-check it to ensure the safety of your child, the same goes with the magnetic building blocks set. Though they are thoroughly tested and certified by safety experts but doing a personal checking is never a bad idea.

Look for any cracks or sharp edges that could harm your kids, if you find something discard them immediately. Don’t forget to sanitize the pieces with a child-safe product, especially if the sets are shared with multiple children.

Safety Concerns of toys