Children learn better when they are taught in practical ways rather than in theoretical ways. The best way to make your child’s growth years valuable is by investing the best methods in them. Growth years are always the most fragile and important part of your child lives, it is the period when an all-round development takes place, i.e. the base for mental, emotional, physical, and social growth is formed in these years. Thus, you need to make the vital and judicious use of this precious period. How does it all will happen? It’s easy. Toy blocks also called Children’s Building Blocks are the best tool for this.

Make your kids learn with Brick Toys

You can provide your kids with Brick toys, they are the simple planks made of wood or fancy material like the interlocking bricks of plastic made of Lego. These building blocks can function as a powerful learning tool for your child and can help them in their overall development. Let’s look at the ways in which they make your child productive and skilled.

1. Promote Spatial Reasoning:
These children’s building blocks help them in learning about the spaces around them, they make them aware of the spaces and how they can visualize them. As they join or construct different pieces of the building blocks they come to understand the idea of space and how they can adjust the different pieces in different space available during the construction of a particular structure using the brick toys.

It is surprising to know that strong spatial skills help your child in the theories of science, mathematics, and even in engineering. Thus, these building construction toys form a base for their future development.

2. Enhance Cognitive Flexibility:
Cognitive Flexibility is very essential for your child so that they can easily adapt to any situation or environment. It is an ability to quickly shift focus from one thing to another. Brick toys help in developing this skill more broadly and in a clear quick way. As kids become more familiar with the building blocks they tend to take up various challenges with it.

In the early stage as a beginner they started from building a tower, slowly they start to build up different buildings, thus, they start to shift their focus from one thing to another quickly. From a beginner, they start to turn into an expert of the game.

3. Builds up social skills:
This building construction toy helps your kid to build up their social skills. While playing with brick toys kids gather around and start building up their castle, what happens then? If you have taken notice, then you could have seen that when two or more kids gather at a place, they divide the roles and responsibilities among them. There is one who supplies the pieces according to their shapes, another one builds the structure, and the last one keeps an eye on how the structure fits in with the design.

In this way, they learn how to work in teams, and enhance their teamwork capabilities.

4. Enhances mathematic skill:
Brick toys are a great help for your kids when it comes to learn and know about maths and its applications. Maths has always been a tough subject to be taught to your toddlers but with this building block toys, you would be able to do it easily and quickly. Brick toys are an excellent tool for teaching maths and its concepts, i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and even algebraic concepts.

They tend to learn about all these concepts while playing with the building blocks. They create a structure, by adding, subtracting, or by multiplying the number of blocks used in creating a building.

5. Stimulates the creativity level:
Playing with Brick toys is always a great chance for enhancing the creativity level of your child. You can ask your kids to create a story around the structure they have created using those building blocks. It is easy to do; even some kids build up their own story around every structure they create.

This helps in building the creativity level of your child and hence, enhancing their thinking and imagination skills at once.

Promote Spatial Reasoning
Enhance Cognitive Flexibility
Builds up social skills
Enhances mathematic skill
Stimulates the creativity level

Apart from these, these children’s building blocks help in developing the motor skills of your child, their problem-solving capability, plus their language skills.