Parents! Pause think before you buy toys for your little ones

When it comes to parenting, things become a bit hard for everyone, bringing up a child who doesn’t know anything about the world is a hard job. But, every parent takes up this job proudly and nurtures their kids in every way they know. They always try to do the best for them; they always try to choose the best for them. There is no doubt that a parent always wants their child to be happy and they do every possible thing for that. Parenting is a story every parent write along with their kids. They double-check everything that is going to be used by their child. If we are checking everything out then why we are leaving the most essential thing behind? Yes, their toys. We need to choose safe toys for our kids.

Choosing toys are the toughest job to do, your child like every one of them and you can’t deny them. But, we need to be careful at this point. There are several toys available in the market, but we need to choose safe toys for our kid. Each year thousands of children are injured by the toys, we need to avoid that. Here we are with complete guide and ways that will help you to choose safe and good toys for your children.

How to buy a safe toy?
While deciding to buy a particular toy for your kids, you need to keep some extremely essential points in your mind. Analyse them and then do the final buying. Remember, no risk is good with children as they are new to this world and are unaware of the things that can cause harm to them. But, we as a parent can protect them from such kind of danger. Following are the points that must be applied while you are buying toys.

1. Do read the label:
Whenever you are buying a specific toy for your kid, do check for the label at the back or bottom of the toy. The label plays an important role in the selection process. Labels tell you about the age group for which the toy is suitable to use, for instance, some labels mention “not to be used by kids under 5 years old” i.e. that specific toy is for the kids who are above the age of 5. You should always tell your child how they will use the toy and how they can play with them.

2. Go for large or big ones: Choose Age specific Toys- Buy toy that has appropriate age marking
Kids have a habit of taking everything they get directly into their mouth, and that is a big problem with them. While buying any toy you should make sure that all the parts of that particular toy are bigger than your kid’s mouth, so that they can’t take them inside their mouth and end up choking themselves. It can be dangerous. But, this is not always possible to do. Therefore, make it sure that you are around your child whenever they play with any small toy.

Do read the label
Choose Age specific Toys- Buy toy that has appropriate age marking

3. Avoid loud toys:
Loud toys do not fall under the category of safe toys and can cause serious injuries to your kid’s gentle ear-drum. Whenever you buy a toy make sure that it doesn’t make the louder sound that is unable to bear. Always, choose toys that have a gentle or soft sound system in them.

4. Be careful with stuffed toys
Stuffed toys like teddy bears or anything else are one of the favourites of every child. Therefore, you need to choose them more safely. Make sure that every end and the edge of them are tightly packed and secure, remove anything you find loose ribbons or strings, take them out to avoid strangulation. Try to choose toys that do not have small beans like things on them, as your child could try to eat them up. Choose the stuffed toys that are washable.

Stuffed toys like teddy bears or anything else are one of the favourites of every child.

5. Choose art material carefully:
Check safety and certification mark like CE, ASTM , BIS. The way Hallogram and ISI mark we see for jewellery product smiliar look for safety marks in Toys too. Dont buy toys which doesnot have proper marking. Choose always ABS plastic made toys.
Children love to draw and paint. But, while buying them any of the colours like sketch pens or crayons make sure that they have ASTM D-4236 on their package. It is necessary to verify that they are not toxic for your child as they can take them in their mouth.

In all these ways you can easily choose safe toys for your kids!

Check safety and certification mark like CE, ASTM , BIS.