Why wooden puzzles are essential for your kid’s growth

Wooden puzzles have always been kid’s favourite, they love to play with them and sometimes spend hours in joining those pieces together. They are the favourite toys and at the same time, they are the best teachers of your child. They teach them things in a way that we are not capable to do. It is always fun to learn while playing with these educational toys; they can be the best tutor for your kids in many ways. They are one of the essential toys for your child that helps them in their overall development in an easy way. This fun toy provides great opportunities for parents to interact positively with their kids and gives you a great way to spend quality time with your family. It is not just a toy it is a packet full of challenges and fun for your child.

Why wooden puzzles are essential for your kid’s growth

Plus, wooden puzzles are better in many ways than any other puzzle made up of plastic or cardboard. They have a thick and wide bottom thus; the small hands of your child are able to get a perfect grip of the pieces. Unlike any other material, wooden puzzles are long-lasting and durable. They don’t get to tear up or become useless easily as compared to the puzzles made up of plastic or cardboard. Your child can easily play it again and again without damage. The major advantage of having a wooden jigsaw puzzle is that they don’t get lost easily. Losing any of the pieces of your puzzle is frustrating and can make your child lose interest in the game. But, this is not the case with wooden puzzles; they are good to hold on.

Let’s look at some ways in which wooden puzzles help you in the overall development of your child in their growing years.

1. Develop the Problem- solving skills:
Solving a wooden puzzle takes lots of thinking and reasoning, thus your child does lots of thinking while solving it. Playing with the puzzle develops the problem-solving capacity of your kid, plus the skills like critical thinking, judgement, visual-perceptual, and memory are also enhanced.

It makes your kid think logically and develop the skill for logical reasoning. Overall, it develops the basic skills needed for the future development of your child.

2. Develops Hand-Eye Coordination:
When your child starts playing with the wooden puzzle they start to use their hands and eye accordingly. They understand the movement and move their hands according to that. They flip, turn, remove the pieces of the puzzle set and that makes the connection between their hands and their eyes smooth and coordinating.
Their eyes see the puzzle, and their brain then envisions how the puzzle needs to look or what piece needs to be found and placed. Then according to the signals sent by the brain, the eyes and hands work together to find that particular piece, manipulate it accordingly and fit it into the puzzle accurately.

Develop the Problem- solving skills
Child Develops Hand-Eye Coordination

3. Enhances Fine motor skills:
Little kids have difficulties while writing any alphabet your child tends to look at the movement of her hand and the pencil on the paper, thus it makes her understand that if she moves the pencil in a certain way then this letter would form on the paper. Here, puzzles are easy helpers. While solving any puzzle it is needed to put the puzzles in the right place. Before placing any piece, your kids identify the spot where it would fit with their eyes. Then, they make the hand movement to place the piece on the right space.

Enhances Fine motor skills

4. Enhances memory:
Wooden puzzles help in making your kid’s memory sharp. For Instance, once your child solves a puzzle then if he/she will solve it again then they will know the places where they had used a particular piece of that puzzle set, and therefore they will solve the puzzle in less time as compared to the time they took while solving it for the first time.

In all these ways wooden puzzles help your child to form a strong base for their future development. Plus, you can also make the game more exciting for your child by getting them customized wooden puzzles, which is easily available online or in markets. That would give more encouragement and in develop more interest in your child in the game.