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Informal Learning through Play

Informal Learning through Play

Informal learning has always been an important part of our child’s learning pattern, but it is the most ignored part too. We parents have formed an illusion that playing is a time wastage for our child and because of this it is has become the most ignored section when it comes to the overall development of our children. Learning with playing is the most important element when in the overall development of our kids. A child can easily grab the knowledge of the world around him/her through learning the things while playing or doing some other activities.

 Playing helps them in developing their social and cognitive skills, help them to get matured emotionally plus develop their self-confidence.  While playing they get engaged in various activities that give them new experiences and environment to grow into. There are many games and toys that help in enriching your child’s brain with all the kind of essential stuff. Let’s take a look at all the ways in which learning with playing helps to enhance the overall development of your child

  1. Learning with playing: Enhances creativity

Young kids are a basket full of creativities. They have amazing capabilities when it comes to creativity. You can easily build up the creative power of your child by making them learn new things while playing. Provide them with block building toys or puzzles; they are the best toys available in the market when it comes to creativity.

Constructing a building through those building blocks is a big creation in itself, or solving a puzzle too is a part of that helps in enhancing the super-creative mind of your child.

Creativity is an important element of your child’s development, and it can be easily enhanced through engaging them in play techniques i.e. informal learning.

    2. Learning with playing: Enhances Imagination

Kids have an amazing imagination level. They tend to imagine things in their mind like when they learn an alphabet they form an image of the same in their brain, that’s why they are able to recognise it easily the next time they see them.

You can easily boost your child’s imagination level through making them engaged in various activities like art, painting, puzzles and many others to add up into the list.

   3. Learning with playing: Build up social knowledge

Playing and social interactions are directly proportional, the more your child plays the more they interact with people that help them in gaining social consciousness and in building up better social relations.

For instance, while solving the puzzle, your child will interact with his/her friends and that will increase the social understanding that helps them in understanding the behaviour of others toward them. This is really important and an essential element that needs to be encouraged.

   4. Learning with playing: Enhances their understanding skills

For instance, you are teaching your child addition and subtraction with the help of books and pen-paper but your kid is not able to grasp the knowledge, while your neighbour is teaching the same thing to her child through the number puzzles and her kid is easily getting everything. Which way is better here? Of course, the latter one.

Children tend to understand things easily when you show them practically instead of theories. We saw in the above example that the kid who was being taught from toys was able to understand things easier than the kid who was learning just from the books.

   5. Learning with playing: Steam toys

If you notice that your child is interested in the activities like experiments or computers or any other activities related to technologies or to the computer world then do not encourage them by bringing them science fiction books or giving them a computer. Young minds believe in the things they actually do i.e. practical things. Encourage them by getting them steam toys that can prove really beneficial for your kids.

They are the toys especially built for the kids who are amazed by the technological world and want to know more and more about them. They help your child with the aspects of mathematics, science, engineering, and arts.

In all these ways learning with playing can prove really helpful for your child. Do invest time in making them learn things through playing.

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