Why Physical toys are still important for your kid’s growth?

Why Physical toys are still important for your kid’s growth?

We are in the 21st century, and everything is technology-based. Nowadays, everything is on our mobile phones and televisions. We give our mobile to kids to play virtual games in it, or switch cartoons on the television and the kids tends to watch them. It is no doubt that kids love to watch cartoons and play virtual games on mobile phones or computer, but is it helping in the development and growth process of our kids? Or are we doing a big mistake? Well, answers can be in yes. We should never forget that nothing can replace physical toys for their importance in the developmental process of every child. Toys for kid’s growth are important.

Physical toys help in all-round growth of your child i.e. mental development, physical development and social development too. All these three parameters are essential to be developed in every child’s growth process. Leaving them behind is not an option. Virtual toys or TV cartoons can never do this, they can never contribute to the kind of growth your child needs. Every parent should be clear that toys for kid’s growth are very necessary, they are a must. Virtual toys can never take place of the physical toys.

Let’s see how physical toys help in the overall growth of your kids:

  1. Builds Logical thinking skill:

Logical thinking is a very important part of a child’s growth. Physical toys help in building strong logical thinking capabilities. While playing with toys like Jigsaw Puzzles, Legos, or cars, your child develops a capability to decide and analyze things. They develop a base for logical thinking as they learn how to use a particular toy in a particular way. For instance, while playing with Jigsaw puzzle they learn to put different pieces together and make a certain structure with it. Thus, they learn about different shapes and sizes and recognize how to use them.

       2. Develops concentration:

While playing with the physical toys, kids focus all of their attention on them. They get so engaged in playing with them, they forget about everything else. These kinds of toys make your child learn how to be concentrated at a certain thing, and how to focus. Both of these skills are essential in the development stage. Toys like board games, helps your child to be focused on the letters or their pallet, as they continue playing the game. Plus, they enrich their vocabulary by learning new words, in the word board games.

      3. Develops motor skills:

Physical toys help in the development of the motor skills of your child. They make them learn how they can grasp and pick up any object. For instance, while playing with Barbie dolls, they dress and undress them. Thus, they develop knowledge about how they can open or close something and how they can use their hands and perform certain works. These toys for your kid’s growth prove helpful and productive.

     4. Development of social awareness:

Social development is another important part of your child’s development and is very necessary to be developed completely. Physical toys and games help in building social coordination. Every kid has some friends, they always play with them. While doing these children gets aware of the other person, they learn how to talk or behave with them. They tend to understand the other person and learn to behave in a certain way with them according to different situations and conditions.

     5. Cognitive Development:

Toys like STEAM toys help in the cognitive development of your child and help them to learn ways of solving any problem creatively. It boosts up their memory and concentration powers. While playing with these toys they tend to develop the base for their future autonomy which is important and necessary. STEAM toys help in developing the educational capabilities of your toys. Cognitive development is important because it enables children to approach math and language skills in a better way. Thus, developing an educational base for them.

In these ways, physical toys help in the overall growth of your child and help them to become a better human in the future. Certain toys for kid’s development are necessary and must be used.

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