Animal Logic Memory Game 2+ Years

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Type: Memory Game

The Big Challenge of concentration Training for Kids: Mini Leaves Animal Logic game is the best early memory and concentration training game for age 3 t0 6, There are 34 different patterns of Games from Easy to difficulty level to slowly improve and build Child Concentration. The product comes with 1 minute sand timing so that child can solve the puzzle with time and slowly improve the timing. The perfect gift to improve and enhance child memory. The parent having a child who is finding difficulties concentrating, this is the perfect game for them. 100% Screen-free play.

  • 100% Screen-Free play- Comes with 9 Animal Pattern Round Wooden Chips, 34 different patterns cards, 1 Minute Sand Timer
  • Improves memory and concentration for Kids. Give them a feeling of accomplishment with time-bound 45 Seconds Sand Timer where parents can track the improvement and development of their kids
  • Safe for Kids- 3 CM Wooden Chips, suitable for grabbing and preventing children from swallowing
  • We believe in detailing- Expressive and vivid characters which engage Kids for a longer time, keep them occupied for a longer period without parents